Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ruthless - Recordings from Ruthie's Inn

Unfortunately, I can't claim to have memories of Ruthie's Inn...arguably one of the most important punk/metal venues of a generation. Upon my relocation to Oakland a year ago, I wasted no time visiting the breeding grounds of all the bands I grew up listening to. Ruthie's was top priority. Though it hadn't been "Ruthie's Inn" in some time, the building gave me chills just standing next to it.

I read today that the building was being completely renovated...even the famous stage being removed, piece by piece. So as a little tribute, I decided to throw up a bunch of recordings that took place at Ruthie's during the mid-80s. All of this stuff is live except for the second disc of The Eastern Front 3 comp. That side is a collection of demos from various bands that were involved in the scene at the time (Sacrilege, Legacy. Heathen, etc.) Some real gems in there. During the Cro-Mag's show, they actually poke fun at the Eastern Front comps.

Eastern Front 3 Comp (Disc 1) - HERE

Eastern Front 3 Comp (Disc 2) - HERE

Hirax 3/22/1985 - HERE

Cro-Mags in 1986 - HERE

Verbal Abuse - 4/04/1986 - HERE

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