Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Evolution of Gore - 7 Inch Boots / Bohren und der Club of Gore

Sprechen Sie Deutsches?

The band of Bohren has developed into a juggernaut of doom laden jazzmagoria, but early on they were an experiment in sleepy surfgaze. After the demise of their hardcore sludge attack known as 7 Inch Boots, they unleash a demo and a 7" under the Bohren moniker. It's an interesting juxtaposition.

So check it out, here are the two 7 Inch Boots EPs and the Bohren 7".

7 Inch Boots - Tamped Concrete 1989 - HERE

7 Inch Boots - Drie Lieder Für Bruce Lee 1991 - HERE

Bohren und der Club of Gore 7" 1994 - HERE

Monday, October 26, 2009

Demo Bringer - Order From Chaos Demos

Upon hearing P. Helmkamp's new band, Kerasphorus, I was inspired to dig up an old Order From Chaos demo I have called Crushed Infamy. That sick piece of magnetic tape nearly killed me. The riffs contained therein unleashed an unholy assault on my conformist reality.

With the help of a friend, I was able to track down the first two demos from 1988, Demo 1 and Inhumanities. While raw as fuck, the intensity on these tapes is frightening. That's why I've uploaded them for you fucking scare you! This is metal at its most furious. No gay cabaret glossy production and no mickey mouse breakdowns. This is the sound of a mortar round going off in your brain.

This is pretty much everything the band released up until the official Will to Power EP. complete this collection, there is also a bootleg rehearsal from 1988 that is honestly pretty damn good. The date is listed as December 25th, 1988. Nice.

Demo 1 / Inhumanities / Crushed Infamy - HERE

Rehearsal 12/25/88 - HERE

Sunday, October 25, 2009

W.A.S.P. - We Are So Punk! (Demos)

Not really. WASP was never punk nor were they true metal. They were, however, a fucking kickass rock band. Nevermind how douchy Blackie Lawless can be or how silly the band got in later incarnations. The first album and the demos leading up to it are still completely relevant to landing elbow-drops on small children. So wipe that spunk off your hands and get ready to download these rarities.

The first demo is the "Face the Attack" tape from 1982. There are apparently 3 tracks missing, all of which were from sessions for a different band, Circus Circus, that never got off the ground. I've only heard these in an extremely degraded version that was barely audible. Maybe they'll pop up one day. Check out the slick Rik Fox (of Steeler fame) artwork. Wonder if he had the 64 pack of know the one with the sharpener on the back.

Demo number two is a collection of demos that sound like they were done around the same time of the "Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)" single. They're probably from the same sessions. The production on these is pretty good...almost as good as the finished record that came out the following year.

I've also thrown in an old Sister demo featuring 'ole Wackie Walrus in his pre-W.A.S.P. band. It's actually a pretty good song, entitled "I Don't Know What I Am". Pay attention to the last section where you get a hint of the Crimson Idol record that Blackie would record a decade later.


John Zorn Double Feature

I was going through a box from my NYC days and came across a couple of harder to find John Zorn discs.

First is a radio promo from Zorn's label Tzadik. It features a bunch of Tzadik Ikue Mori, Anthony Coleman, and Alvin Curran; but the real kicker is that it is formatted like a radio program with John Zorn as your host. He adds some pretty interesting insight into the artists and the songs. Kinda like Vincent Price or Rod Serling...just not as sinister.

Second is an old Knitting Factory (NYC) recording of John Zorn's Cobra from 1992. If you're not familiar with Cobra, it's one of Zorn's weirdo "game pieces". Don't be a dumbass, read more.

Short and sweet.

Tzadik Radio Hour Hosted by John Zorn - HERE

John Zorn's Cobra Live at the Knitting Factory - HERE

Saturday, October 24, 2009


What better way to relaunch this blog than with the release of a Dove. A giant fucking blimp of a bird that when it unleashes turds from the heavens, all of the tectonic plates of the earth rumble violently in retort. At least that's how monstrous these riffs are.

Dove was born out of some of the heaviest bands of the 90s, Floor and Cavity. Hank Wilson, drummer of said bands, awoke one morning...had a cup of coffee...and decided to stab me in the brain with bolts of lightning that he found dripping from his amplifiers. This self-titled album is self produced and was pretty much a debut and swan song all wrapped in one. Too bad this was never on vinyl. Shame really...

Rumor has it that Henry has a new band called House of Lightning. Lets cross our fingers for more bolts to the head.