Monday, October 26, 2009

Demo Bringer - Order From Chaos Demos

Upon hearing P. Helmkamp's new band, Kerasphorus, I was inspired to dig up an old Order From Chaos demo I have called Crushed Infamy. That sick piece of magnetic tape nearly killed me. The riffs contained therein unleashed an unholy assault on my conformist reality.

With the help of a friend, I was able to track down the first two demos from 1988, Demo 1 and Inhumanities. While raw as fuck, the intensity on these tapes is frightening. That's why I've uploaded them for you fucking scare you! This is metal at its most furious. No gay cabaret glossy production and no mickey mouse breakdowns. This is the sound of a mortar round going off in your brain.

This is pretty much everything the band released up until the official Will to Power EP. complete this collection, there is also a bootleg rehearsal from 1988 that is honestly pretty damn good. The date is listed as December 25th, 1988. Nice.

Demo 1 / Inhumanities / Crushed Infamy - HERE

Rehearsal 12/25/88 - HERE

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