Saturday, October 24, 2009


What better way to relaunch this blog than with the release of a Dove. A giant fucking blimp of a bird that when it unleashes turds from the heavens, all of the tectonic plates of the earth rumble violently in retort. At least that's how monstrous these riffs are.

Dove was born out of some of the heaviest bands of the 90s, Floor and Cavity. Hank Wilson, drummer of said bands, awoke one morning...had a cup of coffee...and decided to stab me in the brain with bolts of lightning that he found dripping from his amplifiers. This self-titled album is self produced and was pretty much a debut and swan song all wrapped in one. Too bad this was never on vinyl. Shame really...

Rumor has it that Henry has a new band called House of Lightning. Lets cross our fingers for more bolts to the head.


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