Sunday, October 25, 2009

John Zorn Double Feature

I was going through a box from my NYC days and came across a couple of harder to find John Zorn discs.

First is a radio promo from Zorn's label Tzadik. It features a bunch of Tzadik Ikue Mori, Anthony Coleman, and Alvin Curran; but the real kicker is that it is formatted like a radio program with John Zorn as your host. He adds some pretty interesting insight into the artists and the songs. Kinda like Vincent Price or Rod Serling...just not as sinister.

Second is an old Knitting Factory (NYC) recording of John Zorn's Cobra from 1992. If you're not familiar with Cobra, it's one of Zorn's weirdo "game pieces". Don't be a dumbass, read more.

Short and sweet.

Tzadik Radio Hour Hosted by John Zorn - HERE

John Zorn's Cobra Live at the Knitting Factory - HERE

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