Saturday, November 21, 2009

Neat Singles! - Saracen / Tysondog

I've been reading this Kobo Abe book called Secret Rendezvous. It's about this dude in search of his wife, who was kidnapped by a mysterious ambulance in the middle of the night. So I got to thinking, what if some outlaw vinyl thieves ganked my records under the guise of some "trusted" agency. What a nightmare.

I hope they wouldn't take my Neat Records singles. Maybe I should hide them?

The two 7"s of NWOBHM bludgeony I have here are from my favorite period of Neat, the 30s. Saracen's We Have Arrived 7" is Neat #30 and Tysondog's Eat the Rich 7" is #33.

Saracen were more of a 70s prog rock band than a true NWOBHM band. They had keyboards for fucks sake. Though that shouldn't deter you from cranking this single with all knobs to the right.

I'd be really pissed if some lunatic EMT took my Tysondog 7". Eat the Rich is a badass little 2-track rager. Throw this on at a party and your fist immediately makes contact with the person next to you.


Saracen's We Have Arrived 7" - HERE

Tysondog's Eat the Rich 7" - HERE

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