Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doomwatch - Demos / Rehearsal / Live / LP

What? You're from western Pennsylvania? Pittsburgh you say? I'm sorry.

Unless you were in Doomwatch. Not only did they have a cool name and a classy logo, they forged some of the most pure punk thrash steel ever to hit the head of my tape deck. This is the kind of stuff that makes you want to dropkick an owl. Gimme that tootsie pop, bitch!

A Symphony of Decadence is an underground classic. No home should be without it. You have a disaster kit right?

Bottled water...check.
Emergency thrashing...CHECK!

I've included The Final Demo, which is really just a comp of all the bands demos. Easy eh? I've also thrown in a rehearsal from 1986, which is a pretty worthwhile document...BUT...the real gem here is the live show from '86 recorded at the City Limits, a bingo hall located in Penn Hills outside of Pittsburgh. Probably the best recording the band ever did...

Relax, have a Jolt cola.

The Final Demo - HERE

Rehearsal 5/27/86 - HERE

Live at City Limits 6/09/86 - HERE

A Symphony of Decadence - HERE


  1. Hi.

    I stumbled across this blog entry, and I have some familiarity with the band Doomwatch. Pittsburgher here.

    Many locals consider their best work to be a little-circulated, rather obscure recording they did in the last hours of 1989. It was about an album's worth of material which is sometimes referred to as "Doomwatch Unreleased Album" or "Alternative Demo". A short while later, vocalist/r. guitarist/co-founder Dan left quit the band, and they released another two 7" releases, I believe (though I admittedly lost track of the band at that point).

    There is also a vid on youtube:

  2. Thanks for the info...I have the Crankin' 21 EP they released in 1990, but I would love to get my hands on the "lost album". You don't happen to have a copy do you?

  3. Hey--sorry for the delay. I do have some tracks from it I can send files of. I do have the entirety of the recording somewhere. Here's a cheap vid I stumbled across for one of the tracks on the "lost album".

    1. May you send the files to me? I really like what I heard there.