Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Poison (Germany) - Demos (All of 'em!)

What's more metal than doing the dishes while your ancient cassette stereo blasts rotting demo tapes from decades past? Fuck you!

Germany is pretty synonymous with thrash...even going so far as to having their own house blend. You KNOW that shit is a dark roast too. Of all the kvlt teutonic thrash bands, Poison is probably the dirtiest. I mean it. These blackened deutsches were the filthiest kids in kindergarten. What was that kid that was friends with Charlie Brown? The one with the dirt cloud following him everywhere? Yeah.

So here is a whole panzer full of old thrash demo goodness. Yep...all their demos. Well, that's a lie. There is another live demo from '87 that has alluded me, but hey...dig in.

Sons of Evil Demo 1984 - HERE

Live Terror Demo 1985 - HERE

Bestial Death Demo 1985 - HERE

Awakening of the Dead 1986 - HERE

Rehearsal Demos March & December 1986 - HERE

Into the Abyss Demo 1987 - HERE


  1. Many many fuckin' Thnxxxxxxxxx for this all stuff!!! I love old Poison - have it mostly of your'e stuff in tapes - not orginals - btw.. Most of this stuff i have in mp3 from some fan site - i dl it few years ago but quality is fuckin' bad - 32-64 kb/sec.. Now I found you're blog and your'es links - ultra mega fuckin thanxxxxx for shared this stuff.
    In Regards


  2. Thxxxx FROM SERBIA!!!!

  3. oooooooooooooooooooh man!!!! Excelent! asome!!

    "saludos desde CHILE"

  4. Check it out !