Monday, November 9, 2009

MX - Demos / Simoniacal

Did you know that McDonald's in Brazil has a burger called the McCheddar? It's basically a cheeseburger with runny cheese sauce all over it.

If that doesn't make you want to blow bile out your nose, this will! Brazilian thrash vomit!

I love me some southern hemispheric speed freaks, and MX might very well be my favorite. The riffs are quick to sacrifice all the virgins within a three mile radius, but the real highlight are the vocals. Dude sounds like he gargles every morning with a freshly cultured dose of the bubonic plague.

I present to you the band's first two demos...1986's The Carrion of Religion and 1987's Fighting for the Bastards. As well as a dirty copy of the first official LP, Simoniacal from 1988.

All three of these releases sound like they were recorded in one of Sao Paulo's shantytown shacks, so get ready have your eardrums mutilated.

The Carrion of Religion - HERE

Fighting for the Bastards - HERE

Simoniacal - HERE

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