Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dubious Dublin - Killer Watt EP / Trojan LP

Sons of the Gael, men of the pale!

Killer Watt were a midpaced kinda-thrash band that released one demo in 1986. This is it. They wrote a song about Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2. So yeah...you need this. Also, tell me that the intro to "All Hell Breaks Loose" doesn't sound exactly like Megadeth's "Devil's Island".

Now this next Irish band, Trojan, are fucking awesome. Listen to this shit! The music is catchy 80s hard rock/metal, but it's the vocals that really hook you. An Irishman with two first names, Eddy Kenny, is the guilty party. He's one of those strange singers that make you laugh at first, but then it clicks. Unfortunately this isn't my rip, and the high end is a little distorted. Hopefully I'll have some time to rip my copy, but until then...

Throw back a couple of pints and enjoy.

Killer Watt's Death EP - HERE

Trojan's The March Is On - HERE

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