Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gutted - Demo and LP

Is plain old death metal back in style yet?

I grew up in the southeastern portion of the United States. In turn, I was nursed on death metal. Uncle Glenn Benton used to take me squirrel hunting.

I'll always have a soft spot for lumbering midpaced redneck death metal. The brothers Ditch had this shit down with their band Gutted. The Bleed for Us to Live record was always a staple at metal BBQs back in the day. I think it was rereleased not too long ago, but it's still hard to here ya go.

I've also included their 1992 demo, Into the Gates of Insanity. This tape has some killer clipped out distorted death metal.

So get yourself a glass of grandma's sweet tea and kick a corpse.

Into the Gates of Insanity Demo - HERE

Bleed for Us to Live - HERE

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