Tuesday, November 10, 2009

H Bomb - Coup de Metal / Sortilege - s/t EP

If you're into underground metal from the 80s, you're familiar with these french fries. So here's an old review from December 1983's Headbanger zine...

Being a connoisseur of French HM, I found both of these EPs to show a great degree of excellence. Although the French display the most unique and original style of HM, they all tend to sound somewhat similar. But as far as musicianship goes, the French offer some of the most talented bands (Voie de Fait, Ocean, Warning, Trust, Satan Jokers...) with the finest vocalists in HM (excluding Vulcain and Century). Both of these records are released on the Dutch HM label Rave-On (the label that brought you the first Mercyful Fate EP) and both are sung in French.

H-Bomb's debut 6-song EP, Coup de Metal, displays a pure and speedy brand of HM. H-Bomb's drummer, Gerard Michel, is awesome. His double bass playing in tracks such as "H-Bomb" and "Chasseur de Frime" is unreal! The self-titled Sortilege EP tends to be a bit more melodic in comparison yet it is still very powerful. Songs such as "Amazone", "Progenture", and "Sortilege" proves that Sortilege are a very professional band who show great song-writing ability.

A gushing review no doubt, but I must say these records do stand up pretty well...even twenty-six years later. Get your French metal groove on.

Thanks to Bob Nalbandian for the Headbanger review. Cheers Bob!

Coup de Metal - HERE

Sortilege EP - HERE

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  1. Great bands! I had an H-Bomb poster in my room circa 1983 that I got from a Metal penpal in France: