Monday, November 23, 2009

Juggernaut (TX) - Demos I & II / Baptism Under Fire LP

Admit it, people from Texas are just weird. I had this roommate one time, who was from Texas. We used to drink whiskey out of coffee mugs, ride stolen street signs down flights of stairs, and set abandoned furniture on fire. Can you imagine what our theme song was? Nope, it was "Burn Tonight" by a band from San Antonio, aptly named Juggernaut. Yes, dorkface, they're linked to SA Slayer.

I'll take Lone Star Metal for $400, Trebek. Juggernaut is one of drummer extraordinaire Bobby Jarzombek's early bands. Also, vocalist Harlan Glenn, is somewhat of a historical military guru. I happen to have a copy of this book he penned about old WW2 British airborne uniforms. He also worked extensively with the legendary R. Lee Ermy (insert one-liner from Full Metal Jacket here) on several television shows.

See...Texans are weird, man.

1984 Demo I - HERE

1984 Demo II - HERE

Baptized Under Fire - HERE

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