Saturday, January 16, 2010

Society Dog - Both 7"s and SF Underground Comp

I was recently turned on to the old Final Countdown radio show that terrorized the LA area on KXLU throughout the 80s. Host Adam Bomb himself posted his personal tapes of the show several years ago, and believe you's FM gold!

While geeking out over an old punk radio show, I found out Bay Area punk band Society Dog had more than one release. I just knew them from their "Title Role" track on the SF Underground 2 compilation and singer Johnithin Christ's other band, Code of Honor. With much joy and fervor, I tracked down the band's two 7"s and now have them for you here.

Working Class People is very much a product of the time. It has that nostalgic 70s punk sound, but worth having in the collection. The band truly finds its footing on the follow-up EP, Off the Leash. The sound is more hardcore and the songs are extremely memorable. You'll be telling cops to fuck off in no time!

I've included the compilation, which has tracks by Spikes, Lewd, and well as the killer Society Dog tune.

Look out now!!!

Working Class People - HERE

Off the Leash - HERE

S.F. Underground 2 - HERE

Adam Bomb's Final Countdown Radio Archive - HERE


  1. thanks for these, been looking everywhere for them. Awesome.

  2. they still shred. in the mid late 90's, they reformed with a new singer and drummer and released three lp's.
    They are now a three piece with a new bassist.
    they gig around the SF bay area at dives and skateparks and backyards to this day, with their set consisting of new and old SD songs, as well as a bunch of unheard Fuck-Ups songs. You see, when Society Dog broke up, the guitarist, Joe Dirt, formed the Fuck-Ups and were waaay better than Code of Honor at the time.