Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pendulum (Norway) - Hecate Demo (1992)

Everybody get kvlt tonight!

Here is a horn-raising little gem. Pendulum is fine Norwegian doom from an era when "trve" black metal was the hot new thing. They went on to rename themselves Carpathian Full Moon. Eh, that band is ok, but THIS demo really lays it down. Sludgy riffs and pigeon toed drumming make this a much appreciated addition to the demo tape shelf.

Go wipe your ass with your friend's Enslaved LPs and throw Pendulum's Hecate Demo on the stereo.


*Obviously the picture has nothing to do with Pendulum, but just in case you didn't hate people enough...

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  1. I play bass in Voetsek and saw the photos you posted of us on Flickr--thank you so much! Your photos are great. We have some upcoming releases and want to know if we have your permission to use your photos on the releases and on our MySpace. Please let me know. You can email me @